Nova Scotia High School Program Beijing No. 25 High School 55 Dengshikou Dajie Beijing, China 100006

Contact Person: Mr.Frank Marisco,Principal.

Tel: +86 156 0110 6450

Introduction of the school
  •   Founded by the American Congregational Church in 1864, Beijing No.25 Middle School, originally named Yu Ying School, is the first school to both introduce and develop Western science and modern education in recent educational history in Beijing. By implementing the motto of “applying knowledge to Practice”, the school has fostered numerous famous scholars and experts over the years. Named by Beijing Education Commission as the “Experimental High School for Featured Development”, the school has made continuous efforts in exploring international education with special features and is committed to broadening horizons, spreading culture, renovating ideas and seeking academic excellence.

      Beijing No. 25 Middle School Canadian Certified High School Program was founded in 2005 as one of the earliest establishments approved by Beijing Municipality. We implement the local high school curriculum of both Canada and China. With the principle of “respecting the individual and encouraging innovation”, the program offers individualized learning to all students. The Canadian curriculum is delivered entirely in English by Canadian certified teachers. With the features of small class size, course credit system and class selection system, graduates receive dual diplomas issued by both countries and can choose to enter universities in Canada, USA or any other English-speaking countries. As of today, there are graduates of seven years and all of them have successfully entered universities in the United States or Canada and 30% of the students received university scholarships.

      We have built sister-school relationship with middle schools in Sweden, Korea, Canada, Germany and Japan. In order to help foreign students practice Chinese language skills and experience Chinese culture, we have designed colorful activities, such as Chinese learning, Chinese knot, folk dance and tea ceremony.