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Beijing No. 25 Participates in Waterloo University Math Contests

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    Sino-Canadian program students participated in various Math competitions organized by the University of Waterloo throughout2015. In October, grade 10 students participated in the online Beaver Computing Contest, a test designed around computing science to develop interest in computer science among young people. They competed with over 4,500 students from all over the world and achieved good scores.
    In April we participated in the Euclid, Hypatia, and Galois contests. 4 grade 12 students enlisted in the Euclid contest, 33 grade 11 students enlisted in the Hypatia contest, and 28 grade 10 students enlisted in the Galois contest. Waterloo University honours the top students in each contest with a medal: Luo Hanzhong received the top Euclid score, Wu Yitong and Shao Yiming received the top Hypatia score (tied score), and Hu Jianxue received the top Galois score. Waterloo University also recognizes high students with “Certificates of Distinction”; Wu Yitong, Shao Yiming, Jian Yifan, Hu Jianxue, Wang Ziyao, Man He, Gao Mengyu, and Chen Zifu received “distinction” status. All students who chose to participate should be commended and feel proud of their accomplishments!

    Great achievements could not have been possible without the cooperation of the Chinese and Canadian staff that supported and encouraged us. We look forward to participating and succeeding in the Waterloo contests again next year!