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Sun Village: Fundraising and Visit

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  The Sino-Canadian program at Beijing No. 25 Middle School has been involved with an organization called Sun Village for many years. This spring, students organized and participated once again in a fundraising event for the Sun Village facility. During many lunch-hour breaks, students sold products and services to their schoolmates and teachers.




  On Saturday, June 13th, the grade 10 students visited Sun Village; one of the students, Andy, wrote a reflection of his experience below:

  Last Saturday, the weather was particularly good. Beijing No.25 Middle School- Canadian International program went to the Sun Village.

  Sun Village is a charitable organization to adopt the children whose parents are in the jail. In recent 10 years, sun village has adopted and helped 2000 children. Their parents because of commit a crime and then go to the jail, many of their children don’t have any adult to be looked after. So a retire policewoman found this non-government charitable organization.

  When we arrived there, the weather is comfortable. And there was a “village” in my sight. I followed teachers. There were many little houses in the village and the houses decorations are very cute. The little kids also smiled to us. In that time, I could feel the sun village is a happy and cozy place.

  Teachers lead us to a meeting room and told us the story about the sun village. Every student was emotional. We couldn’t imagine how the children can handle these miserable things.

  After the welcome saying, the children who are from the sun village came to the stage. They looked so cute, so naïve. Their smile was so pure. They showed us some dancing and acting. In my mind, they are very excellent. From their show, I thought , even I, I can’t be optimistic as them.

  After the show, our school made some charitable contracts with the sun village. And then we visited their houses and play ground. It couldn’t say good, but there is the children’s childhood. Many of the houses were donated by foreigner or foreign big company. It shows the sun village’s influence in the world.

  We also went to their market. That market was found by themselves. I mean many of products were made by children’s hands. Like embroider and pictures. We all thought the sun village’s children are so talent! We are proud of them.