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Model United Nations

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Dear teachers and students:

  The United Nations was established formally on 24th October, 1945. Its headquarter was in New York, USA. The United Nations is the international organization which was established after the Second World War, which devotes to cooperations on many aspects of international law, international security, economic development, society progress, human rights and achieves peace in the world.

  In order to broaden students vision, and learn more about the relationship between country and country, people established Model United Nations, called MUN. Teenagers perform as different countries and take part in the conference related to the international hot topics. Representatives should follow the conference regulations under the presidium’s host to state their perspective, and debate for the national rights, also negotiate and lobby. They also communicate and cooperate with friendly countries to resolve the conflict. Representatives promote problem solving by drafting decision and voting.

  Students are familiar with the multilateral organization operation, basic international relationship and foreign affair knowledge in person during the MUN and learn more influence from the events in the world to their future.

China and Canadian program of our school had set up MUN in 2006. We emphasize to create an international atmosphere with the spirit of “Development, Cooperation” and devote to provide the freely-speaking platform for the international hot topic, meanwhile, this can train students communication skills and presentation ability.

  Our school have participated MUN meeting for many years. We have gained many honors like “Outstanding Organization Award”, “Outstanding Team Award”, ”Outstanding Representative Award” etc. Furthermore, we successfully held the first session of School MUN meeting in May, 2015. We optimized MUN courses in 2016 to provide the better course resource for No. 25 Middle School. Nine students from our school as the excellent representatives from Dongcheng District joined in 5th Middle School MUN in Beijing. Qiang Qianwei and Man He were chosen to be representatives. Meanwhile, Man He delivered the speech in closing ceremony and she gained excellent representative award in MUN. Students showed their good English skills and judgment ability, excellent leadership, negotiation skills, foreign affairs abilities in this activity.

  Besides, two of our teachers gained excellent tutor certificate. Students can have training on all aspects of ability, debate, lobby, writing, make the strategy, leadership which can experience knowledge ability and character thoughts. Students performed the role of diplomat which required them to know the problem with country and world view.

This will enhance their cognition for country responsibility. We believe that students will keep going under the encouragement of mother school. We believe MUN fire can be transmitted to more people.

  We hope everybody can register MUN positively and enthusiastically. Thank you!