Nova Scotia High School Program Beijing No. 25 High School 55 Dengshikou Dajie Beijing, China 100006

Contact Person: Mr.Frank Marisco,Principal.

Tel: +86 156 0110 6450

Words from the teachers

Mr. Fyfe

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I was born and went to high school in Alberta. I spent 2 years in the middle of my undergraduate degree to work and travel around the world.  After returning to complete a 4-year English degree and after a variety of jobs, I trained as a teacher at the University of Alberta, moved east, raised a family, taught in Ontario schools and picked up a Master’s degree from the University of Toronto. Since then, I have taught overseas in private school in Australia and a British Columbia program in Nanjing.

This is my second year in Beijing, building a program in partnership with a Chinese public school to meet the needs of Chinese parents and students who want an overseas education.  We use the Nova Scotia curriculum and are certified based on annual inspections by the Nova Scotia Ministry.