Nova Scotia High School Program Beijing No. 25 High School 55 Dengshikou Dajie Beijing, China 100006

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Words from the teachers

Ms. Henry

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I notice that Chinese students are very hesitant to ask questions or challenge a theory or thought presented by their teacher. Ideally a Canadian teacher is more of a facilitator or guide who helps lead students through their learning experience. Allowing them to create autonomy and encouraging critical thinking is important.

I believe Chinese students need to learn how to take notes effectively and develop more efficient study habits. Memorization is a very concrete, basic form of thinking. University professors are looking for their students to be synthesizing, analyzing and evaluating information. Western universities are looking for bright, independent, dedicated students who are well rounded and motivated.

Every teacher has their own formula for what works in their own classroom. I really try to create an open and safe environment where students are able to try to see things in a new way.

Teaching in China gave me the opportunity to immerse myself in another culture and finance my international adventures while providing invaluable work experience. Teaching at No.25 has been an amazing learning experience: a small but incredibly supportive staff, being a part of the beginning stages of a developing international education program.