Nova Scotia High School Program Beijing No. 25 High School 55 Dengshikou Dajie Beijing, China 100006

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Words from the teachers

Ms. Zhou

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I am a Chinese Canadian who was born in China but grew up in the United States and Canada. I started my primary education in China, went through my elementary education in the United States, and completed my middle school to university education in Canada. While watching shows like "The Magic School Bus" and "Bill Nye the Science Guy" as a young girl, I developed a strong interest in science and technology. This interest grew into a passion, which led me to enroll in the specialist Neuroscience program at the University of Toronto, St. George, where I graduated with high distinction. Although my views and style are very Western, I still appreciated and wanted to experience more things that are Chinese - food, customs, history, and culture. Therefore, in 2012, after obtaining my teaching certificate from the Ontario Institute of Studies in Education, I packed my bags and moved to Nanjing. There, I taught my first class of Chinese students, whose unparalleled sense of respect and determination motivated me to come back to China for another year. 

At Beijing No. 25 Middle School's Sino-Canadian program, I am currently teaching biology and precalculus. Being someone who had to adapt to a completely Western society at a young age, I understand first-hand the struggles of an international Chinese student in Canada. Therefore, I emphasize teamwork, creativity, problem solving and analyzing in my classroom. Students are expected to take initiative and responsibility in order to best prepare for their studies overseas. Over the last eight months, I have witnessed a lot of growth in the students of my classes, both in maturity and the quality of work. As my standards are quite high, I value the effort that students are putting into my classes and can see the results. I have also learned a lot about my native country through my students. It has certainly been a mutually beneficial experience!