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Mr. Greene

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My name is James Greene. I completed my Undergraduate and Education degrees at Memorial University of Newfoundland and Labrador.

I teach Economics, Geography, Film, Physically Active Living, and Learning Strategies. I am also the School's University Placement officer.

I was most surprised with how similar the Chinese students are with Canadian students, despite the fact that our two cultures have evolved independently of one another. I'm learning a lot about what culture actually is.

I find the students really enjoy my enthusiasm and are able to have fun in my classroom.I have taught the students how to research and write effectively with the tools and techniques used at western Universities.

My life in Beijing is very nice. I live close to work, which makes for an easy commute (5 minute jog). The city is a wonderful place to enjoy tourist attractions and restaurants, both of which are quite affordable. The Chinese staff, especially Shirley, Crystal, and Lily has been quite helpful in helping with any problems that come up in daily life. It is an easy experience for a foreigner to step into.