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Words from the teachers

Ms. Di Falco

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I teach Canadian History 11, Global Geography 12, and English 11 and have been doing so for the past three years. I began teaching in China in Shijiazhuang, and have been in Beijing for two years. Before coming to China I completed a Bachelor of Arts majoring in History at Carleton University, Bachelor of Education at the University of Ottawa, and a Holistic Nutrition program at the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition. 

My teaching style focuses on allowing students to learn in a non-traditional sense by exploring multiple perspectives and ways of acquiring information; I encourage students to ask questions, challenge information, and use critical thinking skills when learning something new, rather than blindly accepting it. Developing critical thinking skills is a priority in my classroom because it is highly valued in the west and is directly applicable to university education. Students will be expected to make connections between multiple ideas and subjects that demonstrate a deep understanding and higher order thinking. As such, I see it as my responsibility to prepare students as much as possible so that they will be successful on the next leg of their academic journey. 

I enjoy teaching the students at Beijing 25 because they are enthusiastic, open minded, and willing to learn in new ways. The students are eager to please, hard working, and very respectful. I am constantly surprised at the pace in which the students improve and excel both academically and socially. In addition to academic skills, students are learning and developing teamwork, communication, and citizenship skills in our program. We encourage extra curricular activities, volunteer work, and innovation in the program. 

The staff at Beijing 25 is very cohesive and there is a high degree of mutual respect between the Chinese and foreign staff members. The Chinese teachers go to great lengths to help the foreign teachers with day to day issues that arise when living abroad, in addition to academic related issues. Our success wouldn't be possible without the tireless effort of the Chinese staff and our joint dedication to the success of the program. My experience here has extremely positive and has helped to shape me into the teacher I am today.